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The Seven Flags Regional Advisory Council Trauma Service Area (TSA) "T"

 Established in 1999, the Seven Flags Regional Advisory Council (SFRAC) is a  non-profit entity [501(c)(3)]  composed of groups of health care entities (i.e., hospitals) and EMS entities covering a three county region in South Texas (Jim Hogg, Webb and Zapata), whose function is governed by a Board of Directors.  

The primary mission of the Seven Flags Regional Advisory Council is to provide the infrastructure and leadership necessary to develop an inclusive trauma system within the tri-county area through the following activities:

  • Encourage multi-community participation in providing trauma care.
  • Ensuring the most efficient, consistent, and expeditious care of each individual who experiences an acute injury.
  • Enhance assessment, triage and communication between pre-hospital providers and hospitals to facilitate treatment and transportation of patients to the most appropriate trauma facility.
  • Encourage activities designed to promote cooperation between member organizations and provide a forum to resolve conflicts regarding the care of the injured patient.
  • Provide and facilitate professional education for trauma care providers in the region.
  • Provide and facilitate public education and awareness through trauma prevention activities.

What is a RAC?

 The Regional Advisory Councils are responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring a regional emergency medical service trauma system plan. They are an organized group of healthcare entities and other concerned citizens who have an interest in improving and organizing trauma care within a specific TSA. As such, not every Regional Advisory Council will be structured the same but each must have the same objectives – to reduce the incidence of trauma through education, data collection and analysis and performance improvement. This is accomplished by providing educational initiatives, looping data back into those initiatives as well as conducting performance improvement that provides each and every provider guidance and motive to reduce the incidence of trauma as well as improve the outcome of trauma patients.  

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